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Great images are created when your photographer uses light to create shape, gives detailed direction and chooses their slimming portrait lens. During sessions I pay close attention to details, make clothing adjustments and look for your most flattering angles. No need to wait for perfect skin or to lose ten pounds. We make imperfections disappear and know a few tricks for body sculpting! Everyone will comment on how great you look when you #UpdateYourImage.


Rafael has been a Portrait, Fashion and Wedding photographer on the West Coast since 1995. His fashion clients include The Bay, Sears Canada, Grafton Fraser Group. His  laid back charm make all his clients feel relaxed and confident in the end result of their shoot.


Cecilia's a talented girl who happens to love photography. With a background in Music, Dance & Art she understands the importance of being attentive to details. We are excited to have her be part of our team and take every moment we can to help mentor and encourage her to follow her dreams. Hopefully you get a chance to meet her before she finishes University and moves to Portland, OR to be a #HIPSTER.